Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding access our truck is roughly the size of an oil lorry; we need to be able to park this within a reasonable distance of your site. Generally, if a wheelbarrow can be used between the truck and site without any major obstacles (steps, inclines, narrow points – 650mm) we should be able to install your building. We are happy to carry out a site survey and provide you with a detailed written quotation, without obligation and free of charge.

The vast majority of buildings we install are exempt from planning under Class 3 of the General Exempted Development provisions of the planning regulations. 25 square metres (270 Sq ft) or underbuilt to the side or rear of your house generally qualify for an exemption from planning permission once an area of 25 square metres remains in your garden and the building is used to enhance the family lifestyle.

For any build where it is going to be used for living purposes, it will require planning, and this is up to the homeowner to organise.

Ultimately it is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to be aware of the planning exemption and we would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the exemption rules or contact your local planning authority.

Barna Buildings do offer a full base laying service, but it is no problem at all to do your own. If doing yourself it is essential you obtain exact dimensions and base specifications from Barna Buildings.

The windows and doors we use are double-glazed uPVC. We have chosen the material uPVC as the best balance between cost and performance. uPVC windows provide a high degree of performance and warmth. While aluminium windows are structurally good and have a thermal break detail, aluminium remains a highly conductive material and compromises performance. Just touch an aluminium window and you will feel how cold it is.

The Duraboard windows are all customised and manufactured to ordered and you can discuss the size requirements for your build. We find grey an extremely popular colour choice, but it is up to you!

The concrete buildings come with a choice of 2 window sizes 1000mm x 900mm and 500mm x 900m. These windows come in white as standard

We use black corrugated onduline roof covering with a vapour barrier underlay as standard. Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight, black corrugated roofing material manufactured from bitumen – saturated organic fibres under intense pressure and heat.

All of our buildings can be upgraded to a box profile steel tile effect roof. This roof covering comes with an anti-condensation barrier and vapour barrier and we also leave a gap and use a felt underlay.

No, all our Garden Rooms are built as standalone buildings and are constructed separately to the house. You cannot attach any of our Garden Rooms to an existing building.